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Work Adjustment Services

Service goal: Prepare clients with significant disabilities for successful employment.

Some of our work adjustment services include:

  • Extensive services to prepare for competitive employment
  • Jobs customization to client vocational goal
  • Time limited (three months)
  • Try out employment
  • Community based
  • Paid/unpaid positions
  • Natural supports
  • Individual services with 100% staff involvement
  • Development of appropriate work hardening skills such as
    • On time
    • Behavioral
    • Attitude
    • Appropriate dress
    • Cooperative

This service intended to develop short term work hardening skills in natural work settings.

This service not intended as:

  • Job development/placement
  • Situational assessment


We would like to thank the following organizations for their support:

  • East Mesa Christian Church
  • Hampton Inn
  • Midwest Food Bank
  • RWC
  • Saint Vincent DePaul
  • Salvation Army
  • The Market Builder
  • United Food Bank